Agori Fort

Agori Fort located at distance of about 10 km from Chopan near Obra at riverside of son River, which is 35 km from Robertsganj, on Varanasi – Shaktinagar Road in the Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh India. The fort is surrounded by the rivers from three sides named Bijul, Rihand and Son River. According to the adage this is the Tilasmi Forte. The Fort was earlier ruled by Kharwar rulers but later on it came into the possession of Chandels. Madan Shah was the last Chandel king who ruled in Agori Barhar area.There is an underground passage leads to the ton of minerals treasure packed with gold and much more.This heritage site is constructed over small mountains. There is a stone in the form of an elephant at the center of river son which is called Krmaamel elephant of Molagt King .The whole area of Agori is covered with the plateau.The fort is a Tilsmi fort. The war between Molagt King and Veer Lorik was held here. There is no restriction for doing anything so this can be one perfect destination that wants to make the picnic and spent some time in this little forest.

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