Transportations in Robertsganj


Varanasi is the nearest airport city from Robertsganj. Robertsganj is located about 90 km away from the nearest airport city Babatpur Varanasi, Flights are available to all major Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Agra, Bangalore, Chennai, Patna, Khajuraho, Hyderabad, Gaya etc. and International connections are Bangkok, Colombo, Hong Kong, Mecca and Kathmandu.

Bus Stand

There are so many buses available from Robertsganj .. you can get multiple buses who routing daily from Robertsganj to - varanasi, Lucknow, Shaktinagar, Anpara, Renukoot, Allahabad, Mirzapur, Madhupur, Dudhi, Waidhan and more.

By Road

Robertsganj is well connected to Allahabad, Lucknow, Mirzapur, Varanasi and Shaktinagar by road. Buses are available at all hours of the day. Varanasi is the nearest airport city from robertsganj .The Shaktinagar-Varanasi National Highway Four Lane Road cover more distance in very less time.

Railway Stations

Robertsganj railway station (RBGJ) is small and beautiful railway station in Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh ,231216 . It serves Robertsganj town. The station consists of 1 platforms . The station connects to multiple major cities . Nearest Railway Stations to Robertsganj are CHURK (CUK) about 5.2 Kms from robertsganj, AGORI KHAS(AGY) about 9.3 Kms from Robertsganj, CHOPAN(CPU) about 19.16 Kms from Robertsganj, OBRA DAM(OBR)about 28.51 Kms from Robertsganj, LUSA(LUSA) about 31.13 Kms from Robertsganj, MIRZAPUR(MZP) 70.84 Kms from Robertsganj and Varanasi (BSB)about 90 km from robertsganj city.

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Nearest Citites Distances

Robertsganj To Adalhat, Uttar Pradesh near about 54.4 km

Robertsganj To Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh near about 195.7 km

Robertsganj To Chunar, Uttar Pradesh near about 66.4 km

Robertsganj To Dudhinagar, Uttar Pradesh near about 72.8 km

Robertsganj To Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh near about 394.8 km

Robertsganj To Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh near about 83.0 km

Robertsganj To Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh near about 83.0 km

Robertsganj To Renukoot, Uttar Pradesh near about 68.0 km

Robertsganj To Shakti Nagar, Uttar Pradesh near about 119.0 km

Robertsganj To Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh near about 114.1 km

Robertsganj To Sukrit, Uttar Pradesh near about 44.3 km

Robertsganj To Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh near about 86.6 km

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